(English) OpenERP – Custom colors and styles for form fields

Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in English.

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Written by on lunedì, settembre 3rd, 2012

  • anoop

    Great work.. thanks for this article

  • Maulik vadhar

    Really great 🙂

  • almodhesh

    thanks alot

  • http://twitter.com/TimothySolomon Timothy Solomon

    Nice tweaks for openerp! I presume you could also use “html style” tags in your view to set the colour? bit neater this way though..
    (would be nice to have a “style” attribute where you could put in any custom css)

    • http://planet.domsense.com/en/author/elbati/ Lorenzo Battistini

      This should be the purpose of ‘cssclass’ attribute

  • tom

    doesn’t work on 6.1.1 ?

    • http://planet.domsense.com/en/author/elbati/ Lorenzo Battistini

      It should

  • Anup

    Ya, it’s good to show the for view with colors…:)

  • ricardo

    Very nice idea..

    I was searching the web for a openerp module that could add a clock/timer when a new project task work is open… for v7..

    Do you have any ideas for this?


  • Aryé Halioua

    Thanks for sharing.
    Could you please let me know can I use ‘cssclass’ to pick a color/style for the header banner of a form? (class=”oe-view-manager-header”).

  • VijayaKumar

    I am new to openerp. I would like to change theme customization (html/css) for helpdesk module in below menu path.

    Sales => Configuration = > Helpdesk => Categories

    where i need to change the css for above help desk module.

  • Mahdi

    Hello , thanks for the helpful module , but it dosn’t work . Its blocked when i install it 🙁

    • http://it.linkedin.com/in/elbati/ Lorenzo Battistini

      Hello. The module works with OpenERP 6.1 only

  • http://luengocabanillas.es Alberto Luengo Cabanillas

    Hi and congrats for your work!.
    Could you please provide an example with ‘cssclass’ attribute?.
    I don’t get to make it work with my module custom css.
    Thanks in advance!